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3rd Party Pesticides

Special 3rd Party Pesticide Labels

Allows use of pesticide on the following crops when the grower determines losses from pests and weeds outweigh risk of crop injury.

dual valent

Chateau:      Tomatoes, Pepper, Eggplant, Watermelon, Cantaloupe

DUAL:            Cabbage, Pepper

GFVGA holds third party labels for DualMagnum and Chateau giving GFVGA members an alternative to controlling weeds in plasticulture beds. Work with Dr. Stanley Culpepper, weed scientist at the University of Georgia, the association has been granted the 3rd party labels so growers have a broader selection of products. According to Dr. Culpepper, “For years, managing weeds in plasticulture production has been extremely problematic for growers. The availability of these two labels to help in controlling weeds has the potential to greatly reduce weed population at a very low cost.”

Growers must secure labels through the GFVGA office in order to use these labels legally. Growers using either of these products without a 3rd Party Label can be fined for illegal use of a pesticide and have their entire field quarantined by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. According to department officials, both of these chemicals have traceable residues and can easily be detected if fruit or plant tissues are tested during a routine inspection.

The decision to use or not use these products must be made by the grower on the basis or possible crop injury, the severity of weed infection and the cost of alternative weed control methods. Growers must sign a Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement due to the risk of crop damage. There is a flat $350 annual administration fee charged for use of all GFVGA labels, or $1.00 per acre if the grower has less than 350 treated acres of both products.

For more information contact the GFVGA office at 1-877-99GFVGA

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 Future of the Program??

  • Need your support and participation.
  • Economical to grower – one fee = all labels
  • More labels coming but we need this program
  • Use of chemical without label – ILLEGAL!!